Press briefly to start and pause. Press longer to reset.
Drag to the right to start setting the timer.
A large amount of time has been set. It might take a bit for Progressbar to fill up noticeably.

A timer that shows the flow of time

Simple to set and use, it graphically demonstrates how much time has elapsed

Progressbar measurements are 5×36×1.7 cm. It is equipped with a 279×34 LED display. On the reverse side it has a magnet, which allows for fixing on fridges, whiteboards, etc.

A special control has been developed for Progressbar that is more convinient and intuitive to use than traditional buttons.

When it runs out, Progressbar plays a soft melody. This function can be disabled — a shutter will close the speaker's slits (click the image above to see).

A typeface has been designed specifically for the timer's display (special thanks to Ekaterina Voronkova, Aleksandra Korolkova and Ilya Ruderman for their help).

The battery can be charged with a mini-USB cable. When Progressbar is connected to a computer, it can be set to up to several days.

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